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Event21 offers rental service into categories

Folding chair│Stacking chair│Bench│Reception chair │Floor sheet Round chair│Back cover │Legless chair|Children's high chair│Cafe chair|Leather bench Counter chair │Stool │Luxury round chair │Buddhist memorial service with cushion|Aluminum bench Folding table chair│Cushion│Terrace chair│Resin garden chair|Office chair Aluminum garden chair│Dais chair | Dais chair cushion | Living Room Chair| │ Negotiations chair Veranda chair | Armchair | Blue bench │Wooden bench │ Chair cover Conference chair | Multi chair │Folding bench | Office chair | Waiting room chairs Dining chairs | Sofa |Up-and-down chair | Dining chair | Task chair Reclining chair

Meeting Long table|Veneer long table|Round table│Rental Skirt
Cross for sale and for lease│Low Table│Place Cards plate
Luxury cross party│Color tablecloth for sale|Conference table in white
Tea table│Luxury party tablecloths|Tatami table|Luxury napkin
High counter table|Parasol|Parasol Base|Negotiation Table
Aluminum garden set|Office Desk|Resin garden set│LED Decorative Table
Resin Garden Table|Aluminum Garden Table|Sitting Table
Order tablecloths|Table two Compartments|Banquet table
Aluminum table|Bistro Table|Wooden garden table│Parasol table
Laptop Desk Stand|Raising Table|Red curtain And white Tablecloth Set


Tent for event│Windbreak curtain│Rental and sale weight│Large size tent│Guttering Rental and sales Side curtain for tent│Pile rope│10m×10m tent│15m×15m tent 3m×3m tent│Color tent|6 square meters tent color stripe│段差用テント Royal tent 4 square meters /8 square meters|Pent for tent size 5│Hammer│Two-story tent Change cover tent

Ink-jet|Cutting|Standing signboard|Banner|Large-format output│Easel
A type aluminum signboard│Banner|Poster frame|Pop panel for event


Japanese festival Tower│Shooting│Teppanyaki machine│Lottery machine|Stalls|Water trough|Happi│Costume rental Balloon arch│Climbing│Yakitori machine│Drum│Lantern│lottery gift set for sale Yakitori machine|Takoyaki machine│Gachapon machine|Stockpot|Popcorn machine Hot showcase|Hot cans warmer|Oden pot|Fried machine Ice crusher|Juice dispenser|Taiyaki machine Cotton candy machine|Vaughan lottery machine|Lottery BOX|Corn Grilled machine|Grilled squid machine Bean bowling|Large quoits set|Large lottery machine|Coffee maker Bingo game machine | Air lottery machine | Smart Bingo | Kids cushion Children's Playground | Puzzle mat | Baby Kids slide | Plastic pool Warmer Electric? | Grilled gyoza machine? | Electric stove|Gyoza grilled machine|Electric warmer Microwave|Electric oven|Electric steamer|Electric rice-cooker|Noodles boiled electric machine Mixer|Baked potato machine|Mixer for kitchen|Demonstration frame Frozen server|Crepe machine|Analyzer system Gas stove|Electric hot showcase|Bell|Computer lottery machine Bingo games|Loud instrument|Fast Push button|Jumbo quoits Cube block cushion|Mini-bicycle|UFO catcher Loud instrument Techno drive|Gun shooting game│Electric heating Takoyaki Caldron│Ball hole game│Electric baked potato machine|Can Knockdown game. IPad lottery machine set for event|Gas crepe machine│Children Corner|Balloon tower

Alpha panel│System panel│J panel│Vasntian panel Paper hanging panel H2400mm│EZ Alpha|Three fold partition│P panel for exhibition Wide width W1200 panel│Company name plate|Screen partition|Picture hanger H1800 Panel|H1500 Panel|Fire Retardant panel│Partition curtain Wooden partition│Accordion screen


Shinto ceremony supply│Ceremony │Altar|Japanese folding chair|Tamagushian|Ribbon Japanese Kama, Kuwa, Suki|Shiraki tray|Himorogi|Masakaki set|Japanese auspiciousness curtain|HIRAGA|Business card tray|water set Kawarake (clay cup)|White gloves|Mochi Shinsen|Certificate of appreciation.|Japanese Silk wrapper (FUKUSA)|Invitation |Business card box Emcee|Ceremony flower|Artificial bamboo|Natural bamboo|Plastic number tag|Gold rope partition|Commendation tray Ceremony reception set|Event and wedding videos DVD|ID card holder|Shide (Shinto) box Japanese bamboo ladle|Pitcher|Unveiling cloth|Gold shovel-ready

Gold folding screen│Podium│Emcee stand|Flower Stand│Kimono rack│Bonsai│Wooden bell hammer|Flags of the world Flag pole stand│Program standing│Silver folding screen│National flag pole


Stage│Stairs│Runway stage│HARIDASI│Simple stage│Stand stage Footlights│Georgette stage curtain|Carpet for sale│Cannon set Steel fence│Bubble machine|T-type spotlight|Fence|Wooden Box|Flat stand Smoke machine│Color spotlight│Stage tent|Rolling tower Shooting Stage from underneath│Stage truss tent|Pipe fence|Folding stage Stage skirt|Plastic Fence|Yellow Plastic Fence|AP stage Back stage curtain

Wireress Ampliefer│Television│Mixer│40W Amplifier│Speaker
PA set│Powered mixer amplifier│Music book lamp / Hand lamp│Megaphone loudspeaker│Wireless amplifier set│Transceiver
The Wireless Guide│Wireless microphone tuner receiver set│Gun microphone│Interview with Mike│Wireless megaphone|Wireless pin microphone│CD Player|MD recorder|Automotive PA set
Baton bracket|1000W loud speaker|Sound sysytem for 100 people│Sound sysytem for 200 people|Sound sysytem for 500 people


2000ANSI lumens projector|2600ANSI lumens projector 3500ANSI lumens projector|5200ANSI lumens projector 7000ANSI lumens projector|Screen|Rakusa table|Laser pointer Document Camera|Slide projector|Stand box|Overhead projector D terminal with AV distribution unit|Plasma display│Flat-screen LCD TV DVD writer│HDMI Splitter│HDMI Cable

L- Type Pop Stand|Clip stand|Black-out curtain│Wagon for sale
Rope stand|Belt partition|Poster panel|Catalog stand
Fluorescent lamp│Spotlight|Arm Light|Brochure stand|Net stand
Net hook|Background panel for event|Desk The upper plate|T type pop stand│Universal Stand|Panel stand|POP tabletop stand|Truss
Fitting room|Folding exhibition table|Folding wagon|High counter
Exhibition booth construction (SYMA system)|Screen|Clock panel|Flip chart│Cube box


14 Type / 3 days: 1,050 yen

Inverter (soundproof) 2.8kw│1.3kw│Welder combined use 3kw│Gasoline carrying can 10L/20L


Christmas Shining Tower│Folding Christmas tree 3.6m Large christmas tree

MOCHITUKI Set│Millstone│Millstone stand│Pestle|Pine decoration|Bamboo steamer pot set│Triple stove Electric rice cake machine│Expands board, rolling pin set|Rice cake box


Red and white curtain│Blue-white curtain (curtain Asagi)│Green -white curtain│Purple- white curtain│Red and white curtain stand Spring Pole

Factory fan ( large )│Living fan│Wall-mounted fan│Water dispenser
Towel warmer│Wet wipe|Ice machine│Freezer│Spot cooler
Mist fan│4 side glass refrigerator│Refrigerated showcase
Tabletop ice machine|Cold water showcase│Open refrigerated display showcase│Industrial refrigerator|Island refrigerated case│Refrigerated display case│Refrigerated Display Cabinet|Refrigerated Multi-Deck│Refrigerated display case│Refrigerated case sushi type│Prefab refrigerator│Ice cream case│Gelato showcase│Dual refrigeration showcase│Frozen Compact Case│Freezing open showcase│Richiin type refrigerator case│Frozen compact stocker│Cold storage container│Rapid freezer│Horizontal Cold Case│Oilstove│Blue heater|Reflection type kerosene stove│Bright heater│Far infrared electric heater│Jet heater│Water tank│Stove guard│Cup Warmer│Towel warmer│Household refrigerator│Ice crusher


Barrel mikoshi│Barell│Large uchiwa fan│Black-out curtain│Gavel│Ignition switch│Masu cup

Ball pool│Air arch|Fly tube|Jumpers


Sports timer│Tug-of-war rope|Podium|Line marker|Number Flag Starting pistol|Big ball set|Strike Out|Arm wrestling Base set for baseball|Baseball glove|Baselball bat|Backnet|TAMAIRE Relay baton|Tally counter|Flag of all nations|Sash|Stopwatch|Digital vertical jump measuring Goal tape (Finish tape)|Hurdle|Mukadegeta|Headband Hand dynamometer|Height meter|Back strength meter|High jump recorder|Jump rope|Vaulting box Stilts|Foodball nine|Futsal supplies|Beach volleyball set Basketball goal|Speed gun|Target Bird Golf|Scoreboard Catcher's mitt|Torch|Mini color cone|Tape measure │Obstacle net|Platform Sport bibs|Obstacle net|Insurance for Sports day event|Gymnastic mat|Anteflexon measurement Horizontal-arm coordinate measuring|Left-handed glove|Catcher's mask|Weight scale

Erhu|Shamisen|Taisho harp|Ukulele|Japanese Gong|Violin|Horn
Synthesizer|Electronic piano|Keyboard|Contrabass|Guitar|Conga
Drum set|Cymbal|Marimba (xylophone)|Glockenspiel (glockenspiel)


HANSHINGAKE|Japanese style mirror|KOMATIDANA|Cloak shelf|Footwear shelves|Kimono clip Kimono hanger|Urethane (styrene)

Par Light│Spotlight / Clip light│Foot lights│Color spotlight
Light Stand│Floodlight│Panel arm lights│Toilet for event
Beam light│Panel│T-spot light│Pin spotlight│Safety guide light
Sealed beam light│LUMITERASTER|Strobe Light|Aurora lamp machine
Mirror ball lighting|Mirror ball│Mini lantern


Jewelry case|Open set display set|Showcase display set Desk mirror|Jewelry table|Ring display stand, holder|Necklace stand Accessories Stand|Jewelry decoration|Decoration panel Display Stage|Light Stand|Dummy camera|Glass case Exhibition Interior|Antique Showcase|Antique display Mannequin|Japanese mitsuke|Japanese exhibition table set|Japanese display stand Japanese style accessory display set|Floor Cloth ( Crepe)|Japanese-style display shelf|Shelf furniture Open rack|Gondola shelf|Tabletop display|Knockdown table Floor stand for fitting room|Standing counter|Adjustable shelf furniture

Roulette game │Blackjack│Baccarat table│Poker table Large and small game │Craps│Boule│Two-up │Ruestar round up Fan-tan│Big Six│Horse wheel│Dice wheel│Card wheel Roulette wheel │Tabletop mini roulette│Slot Machines Las Vegas backdrop │Casino illumination│Casino dealer Assistant Girl │Welcome panel│Casino frame │Casino decoration Cashier box │Las Vegas showgirl │Casino number indicator Play money │Casino gate │Dollar counter │Casino poster


Monochrome copy machine │Monochrome multifunction device│Color MFP│Monochrome plotter │Color plotter │Monochrome laser printer│Color laser printer Ink-jet printer│FAX │Shredder│Plasma cluster Telephone │Humidified air cleaner

Metal rack │Color cone │Folding stool table│Stepladder 4m (14 feet)│Spot clip light Floodlight│48 umbrella stand│Temporary toilet for event│Hanger rack│Wooden hanger Bed │Hand-washing sink │Pin spotlight│Umbrella bag stand │Full-length mirror │Outdoor tea ceremony umbrella|Black umbrella Kettle|Fire extinguisher|Whiteboard|Bicycle │Umbrella stand with key|Foliage plant Mesh trash│Hand truck|2 consecutive ladder|Tea Cup|Saucer|Bonfire│1.7m stepladder Plate floor (step puzzle)|Light batons│Stylo Tatami|Portable Cashbox|Register Money counter|Coin counting machine│Cardboard trash|Cigarette smoke separator|Triangular bucket Bucket │Children bed │Circle shaped clothes hanger|Tilt hanger│Dragonfly hanger Bag stand │Digital camera|Tabletop ashtray|Document case│Bottom hanger Dust box|Locker│Gowning Locker|Kitchen wagon|Oval dish Hand lift|Super Lift│Forklift 2t|Unit house Container House|Suitcase |Transformer│plug set|Dryer Laminating machine│Chorei stand|drainboard deck|Ballot box|NOBORI base│Curing sheet Blue felt|Purple felt|Humidifier|Safety helmet │Hot water Pot