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What do you want to do through event for the participants to enjoy? Is this your first time planning an event? Don’t worry! We will help you through the whole event planning process. Tell us about the kind of event you want to make. Then we will make a proposal on how to proceed with planning including estimating the budgets, searching event venues and preparing the necessary equipment. Let us help you make your event a success! If you are thinking about event, Let’s Event21 help you!

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Event Planning

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    One-Stop Management Solution

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Necessary thing for event planing

It is very important to have a Concrete plan when planning an event. If planning is “to make Idea or thought, event concept or event structure which make objective to be clear”, Plan is to show you “What and How to do in realisation. budget and supplier or staff who work on site,venue drawing and working process” So, our work is to make your event image can be happen and achieve your goal. Planning and Plan is like a wheels of car that cannot be missing each other. For example, if planning were done without plan, event will be incomplete. and if plan were done without planning, event will be only tent, shop etc. but no theme or concept. So, both planning and plan are important. and we will suggest what you need for event planning!

Let's make your event a success!

Blue To be prepared by the customer. (Reach out to us if you have any questions!)
Orange To be prepared by the customer or Event21
Green To be prepared by Event21

We will make a proposal from your budget!

2Purpose of event

What kind of event do you want? please tell us about purpose of event.


How many places? How many pax?

4Stuffs or Service
  • Necessary equipment (Rental stuffs: Tent, Stage, Light, Table, Chair, Kitchen utensils, Exhibition utensil, Panel, Air condition (Heater) etc.)
  • Production (Signboard, Hanging signboard, Information board etc.), Novelty goods, Selling goods etc.
5Timetable and Planning

Using articles│Venue drawing│Timetable│Description of event


Vehicle│Road use permit (Applications sometimes taken by event company) | Public Health Center Permit

7Arrangement of casting

Entertainer │ Performer │ Companion (For appearance or performance)

8Arrangement of staff

There are a wide range of people registered for the event staff.
What kind of staff do you prefer?

9Event Director

Our event director will support you to operate event from start to finish.

Example for the composition of event staff

Event Planning Process

  1. Step1Make an inquiry

    Make an inquiry

    Anything is OK! we will support you one by one with our earnestness. please feel free to contact us!

    Contact Us

  2. Step2Hearing


    We listen to customer's condition, and purpose of the event.
    For example, tell us the objective of your event.

  3. Step3Preparation, Document

    Preparation, Document

    According to customer's concept and budget, we will provide important documentations and event schedule for you.

    Documentations and event schedule preparation
    Location survey
    Quotation Document preparation
    Manual operation
    Scenario progress (Timetable)
    Execute according to customer's requirement

  4. Step4Meeting


    Based on prepared documentation, we can discuss and compromise. In case of repeat event, we will revise the latest feedback (Step.8 [Feedback]), and discuss whether the plan will be proceeded the same way, or anything customer wants to change. For both cases, we will constantly update the documentation.

    Examples of issues and solutions

    Based on prepared documentation, we can discuss and compromise. In case of repeat event, we will revise the latest feedback (Step.8 [Feedback]), and discuss whether the plan will be proceeded the same way, or anything customer wants to change. For both case, we will constantly update the documentation.

    Issues The quantity of Chirashi went short. Though 500 plates had been prepared, but the visitors kept coming, so there's still lack of 300 plates of Chirashi.
    Solutions Prepare for 1000 plates in advance

    Tips: On the following event, Assuming that the scale of the event will tend to increase, and re-visiting customer will always be included.

    Issues The event are full of people. Many people are crowded in front of the booth and they get stuck.
    Solution Install the queue poles in front of the booth.

    Tips: In order to maintain the flow, it is important to reserve some space for walking path. For some popular booths which tend to have crowded customer at front, installing as needed queue poles is recommended.

    Issues Customer attended to the lucky draw booth more than expected. Expecting number of 200 customers, but it turned out to be 270 reached of customers, the lucky draw were running out.
    Solutions On the following event, assume the amount of 300 customers.

    Tips: Our company supports luck draw preparation. You can consult us about budget arrangement for lucky draw. Here is an example... Previous time: 50 of winning prizes, 150 of booby prizes

    This time: 70 of winning prizes, 230 of booby prizes

  5. Step5Make a decision for details

    Make a decision for details

    Immediately start preparing goods after making a decision for details.

  6. Step6Start an arrangement

    Start an arrangement

    Start an arrangement of event's staff, goods, service, and location.

    Goods For items that the venue cannot cover, we will handle it. We also provide boards, banners, novelty goods.
    Service Service from our collaborator such as food catering service
    Staff We may arrange staff, hosts, performers, cameramans, business trip meeting room depend on scale of the event
    Location Facility of the event location(also known as: Hako)

    It's a very important thing to promote the event in advance and create PR activities!

    Event promotion tool creation

    Distributing leaflets or flyer、creating on sale promotional items/novelty goods
    DM and creating invitation letters
    Displaying pop-up board and banners etc.

    Announcement Activity Service from our collaborator such as food catering service
    PR Activity Staff:We may arrange staff, hosts, performers, cameraman, business trip meeting room depend on scales of the event
    Promotions Facility of the event location(also known as: Hako)

    Looking for event performers and hosts? Click here!

  7. Step7Operation and Construction

    Operation and Construction

    On the day of the event, the event director will be at the event location to deal with the emergencies and changes.

  8. Step8Feedback


    After attending the event, we will revise how the event was going on. In order to operate even better on the next event, we will receive reports from sponsors and questionnaire from customers to come up with improvement proposals.