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Event21 has a vast array of items for setting up conference sites! Leave the setup and the operations of all audio-visual equipment to us!

Types of international conferences:

- Academic conference: a formal event on which scientists of a certain field from all around the world share their experiences, present the result of their researches, create workshops for their colleagues.

- Business conference: an event dedicated to the discussion of business related topics

- News conference: a media event where announcements are made to the international media (newspapers, TV stations, radio stations, internet news portals) so that the different media representatives may inquire about the details of the announcement

- Peace conference: an international meeting of diplomats from different countries with the aim to resolve a conflict, dispute between the countries

- Political conference: an international meeting of political delegates from different countries

- Trade conference: it is similar to a business conference, but it has the emphasis on trade, vendors of a certain field are able to show their products and services to the general public

講演会 レンタル

What you'll need to define if you would like to organize an international conference in Japan:

1) Define your goals and the things you will need to achieve it.
Knowing the goal of your event, our staff will be able to give you the support that you need to make it happen. Keep in mind that you'll need to arrange the speakers according to the certain goal(s) of you event.
Check whether they will need any kind of special equipment for their presentations such as a projector, screens, a podium or a laser pointer.
You can rent a wide range of such items directly from us.

2) Decide your budget. We can give you a rough estimate on how much you will spend in Japan well in advanced of your event.

3) Choose your conference venue. Event21 can assist you in finding the most suitable venue for your international conference.
Since we have many years of experience in negotiating with Japanese venues, catering and other companies,
we have many connections at your disposal for getting you the best results just as you would have imagined it.

4) Check whether you'll need a catering service. An international conference may go on for several consecutive days,
so if you would like to find all the attendants in a good mood the best way to achieve that is through their belly.
We could organize you a catering service and set up a menu for your conference. It's a good opportunity to enjoy the
pleasures of Japanese cousine. We will also advise you about refreshments (snacks, soft drinks) that could be enjoyed
throught the time of your international conference.

5) Enlisting management staff for your conference. You will undoubtedly need a staff for various kind of tasks concerning
your conference: reception staff checking invitations, an information desk, waiters for serving refreshments and so on.

6) Last minuted walk-through. There's no question about how tense you'll feel right before your international conference
begins. We'll help you ease that tenseness by accompanying you to go through all the important details of the event!

講演会 会場の様子

Stages, back panel, screen, audio visual equipment, tables and chairs, decorations. Aspart from organizing and managing
your international conference, we could get you whatever equipment you may need!

Here is a small list of the items that are essential for an international conference:

Podium Podium BYO-003E
3 days: JPY 5,250~
Desktop microphone stand for sound amplification systems Desktop microphone stand ONK-006E
for conferences or ceremonies
3 days : JPY \420~
200mm high stage rental Mini stageSTA-001[for indoor use]
200mm high stage for lectures etc.
3,3㎡ : JPY 10,500~

Lecturer podium Lecturer podiumBYO-004E
3days : JPY 4,200~
5200 lumen projector rental 5200lm ProjectorPRO-004
3days : JPY 105,000~ for 100-150 people
Flower stand Flower standBYO-005E
3days : \3,150~
Hanging sign for events, meetings, conferences Hanging sign for events
Available in various sizes
1pcs : JPY 8,400~
Portable sound amplification system Portable amplification system ONK-001
with 2 mics inculded
3days : JPY 9,450~
Water decanter Water decanterSIN-018
A stylish water decanter for your conference!
Don't let your speaker go thirsty!
3days : JPY 2,100~
Hanging banner Hanging banner INK-011
Perfect for conferences, meetings, advertising
Try these stylish hanging banners!
Rental Cost : JPY 8,400~
Projector screen Projector screen
Different types available for small & big rooms
3days : JPY 3,150~
Laser pointer Laser pointer PRO-031
For presentations on conferences etc.
3days : JPY 2,100円~
Big PA set rental Big PA set ONK-101E
Speaker 2pcs, Microphone 2pcs
3days : JPY 31,500~
Wireless amplifier set rental Wireless amplifier set ONK-131
Wireless mic 1pc, Wired mic 1pc
3days : JPY 8,400~
Projector for Large-sized space Projector for Large-sized space PRO-003
Ideal for large conference rooms!
3days : JPY 241,500 ~
3500 Projector rental 3500 projector PRO-003
Resolution : SXGA/XGA/SVGA/VGA
80~150 people│suitable for a room of 200㎡
3days : JPY 31,500~

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Event21 has a full coverage of Japan including Hokkaido and Okinawa as well. Besides delivering our rental items, signboards etc. to any part of Japan, we can handle to setup a trade show booth in any part of the country too with the help of our partner companies. Wherever your trade show will take place in Japan, Event21 will be there to give you all the support you need.

We have just as many customers from Tokyo, Kanagawa(Yokohama), Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi from the Kanto region, as from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo(Kobe/Sannomiya), Shiga, Nara, Wakayama from the Kansai region. Besides that, we have many customers from other areas like Aichi(Nagoya), Gifu, Shizuoka, Mie from the Tokai region, Fukuoka(Hakata), Nagasaki, Saga to mention some places from Kyushu, Miyagi(Sendai), Fukushima from the Tohoku region, Kagawa, Tokushima from Shikoku, Fukuyama, Ishikawa, Fukui from the Hokuriku region, Niigata, Nagano from the Shinetsu region and so on. Every single day, we get many inquiries from all the 47 administrative divisions of Japan. We are interacting with our dear customers with a wholehearted devotion! Thank you very much for your trust!

Please consider that the shipping, delivery costs are not included in our prices due to different shipping costs to different regions.
Event21 aims to be the best in the Japanese event industry!!

You can get a formidable discount if you are renting multiple items or ordering the constructions of multiple trade show booths!
Get a quotation and check our prices, it's for free!!

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