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Item Name: Japanese origami paper
Model Number: ORI-001
FOB Price: USD 3~5 / Pack
Port: Osaka
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 Pack/Packs
Supply Ability: 100Pack/Packs / Week
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,PayPal


Material : Paper
Theme : White, Orange, Pink, Purple, Blue
Place of Origin : Japan
Brand Name : EVENT21
Model Number : ORI-001
Type : Gift, letter...
Sheet size : H70mm W7m

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Detail: Per package included : 20 pcs of Paper
Material: Paper

Package size :
/ H163 ~ W160 ~ D3mm
Paper size : / H150 ~ W150mm


"Origami" is fun and exciting everyday.
"Origami" push the boundaries of what can be made out of one uncut piece of paper.


or the traditional art of Japanese paper folding is a form of art in which the artist creates a sculpture from a single piece of paper by using various folding and sculpting techniques. "Ori" means folding, gami (or rather kami) means paper, so origami literally means folding paper. Normally the use of glue or cuts are not allowed and art pieces made by these techniques are not considered to be origami works. When glue and cuts are used in the process then it is usually called kirigami. Although origami is generally considered to be of a Japanese origin, there are evidences that other cultures around the world had their independent traditions of paper folding.

The list of things that could be made by origami is endless, but please let us name some that are used in our everyday lives:

paper cup, salt keeper, book cover, gift wrap, flower wrap, candy wrap, chopsticks wrap, utensil wrap, gift decoration, gift box, snack box, envelope, toothpick holder, and a wallet (kirigami):


So what would be the ultimate goal of origami again?

To extend the boundaries of what you could create out of a single piece of uncut paper.

How about giving it a try?

We could supply you ANY kind of Japanese origami papers.

Just tell us what you are looking for.

We will get it for you!

The origami model that may be the best known all around the world is the Japanese paper crane.

There's an interesting custom in connection with this model.

Have you ever heard of the Thousand origami cranes? In Japanese it is called "senbazuru", which

could be directly translated to a "Thousand winged crane". Traditionally it is a benevolent charm that

was given to a newborn baby a long life, good luck charm, as a wedding present, given by the father,

who would like to wish a thousand years of happiness to the newly wed couple.

Thousand winged cranes are donated to many temples in Japan that accomodate an eternal flame for

world peace as an expression of peoples' wish for world peace.Usually the senbazuru are left disposed

to the weather, so they will be slowly dissolving into nothing similarly to the payer flags in south asia.

There are actually various sets sold in one package by us for making senbazuru. Please contact us if you

are interested in purchasing some of these sets.

Here are some some examples of the papers that we have:

origami_paper origami_paper origami_paper


Product Details

1. Product name: Origami Paper Set For Party
2. Material: paper
3. Designs: 31 different designs are available
4. Designs / Set: 1 or 2 different designs / set
5. Size: 150 x 150mm
6. Packed Size: 163 x 160 x 3mm
7. Design Types:
Waterdrops, Dots, Small Dots, Stripes, Ladybug, Pink Lace, Yellow Lace
Pink Waterdrops, Light Blue Waterdrops, Red & Light Blue Check
Purple & Green Check, Water Ripple, Mosaique, Patchwork
Pink & Blue Hearts, Red & Black Hearts, Strawberries & Hearts, Rhombus
Bubbles, Daisy, Ladybugs & Dots,Striped,Rabbit,Cat,Roses,Flowers,
Circles, Colorful, Windmill, Multi Stripes
8. Small quantity and trial orders are accepted.
9. Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or PayPal (advance payment)

origami how to use

How to Use Origami Paper :

There are no rules in the way of using Origami.
Orihami can be used in a variety of ways as described below:

Interior Decoration
Use Origami to design a bouquet of colorful with vintage style in your bedroom or bathroom with aromatic. you will love decorating with floral Origami Paper. You can decorate your home with flowers in the four seasons with colorful paintings emphasize for your house.
For wrapping (gift wrapping paper)
You can pack the gift in a Origami formal Japanese unique style. pack things in a pretty box brings a lot of happiness to people with Origami papers. or you can pack sweets for enhance their flavor. and surely the kids will be delighted with this gift.
Decorations For The Party.
You can make Origami as the cover of the chopsticks, as a placemat, small flags, for Alcohol bottles, candy wrappers, pretty bows on the table, on the plate, menu...
Use Origami to make shapes such as hearts and animals for surprise gifts with meaningful. Other gifts that you can do is color frames, letter covers or envelopes ... it brings happiness to the gift recipient.
Nowaday many hotels and restaurants Origami used to decorate the dinner table. you can use Origami to decorate restaurant at the hotel as cover of the chopsticks, placemats, for Alcohol bottles, pretty bows on the table, on the plate, menu... We recommend choosing colorful patterns and appropriate to the circumstances meal.

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I checked your website and I was rather surprised that you’re such a young company with such a young director. And yet you’ve done so much, that must have taken a lot of (extra) time for everyone involved.

御社のウェブサイトを確認した所、御社も御社社長もとても若くてびっくりしました。 それなのにもう沢山の事を実現できてて、全員関わってかなり時間がかかりましたと思います。


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