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We recommend The Lacquer Fountain Pen!!


Item Name: Lacquer Foutain Pen
Model Number:
FOB Price:
Port: Osaka
Minimum Order Quantity: 10 Piece/Pieces
Supply Ability: 11000 Piece/Pieces / Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,PayPal


Product Type :
Lacquer Fountain Pen
Use :
Office School Pen
Novelty :
Pattern(s) :
Auspicious clouds , Japanese Plum
Delivery Time
5-30 days after the order confirmation
Place of Origin :
Brand Name :
Model Number :
System :
Capped type
Material :
Plastic with a lacquer decoration finish
Nib :
Extra Fine Point, Fine Point, Medium point (14K Gold)
Custom Label :
On the body / cap of the Lacquer Fountain Pen
Hand engraving :
Available on the cover
Printing Methods :
Silk Printing, Pad Printing

Packaging & Delivery

Main material : Plastic with a lacquer decoration
Ink refill :
Lacquer Fountain Pen's Tip Material: Metals
Delivery Detail :
5-30 days after the order confirmation

Size : L136 x D13 mm
Weight :

The name of these Lacquer Fountain Pen resemble the emotion that you'll feel towards them when you have purchased them: Lacquer Fountain Pen

A feeling of fondness for a Lacquer Fountain Pen is a natural feeling, give it go!

Lacquer Fountain Pen

Platinum is a prestigious writing instrument maker from Japan. Platinum was founded in 1919 by Mr. Shunichi Nakata. Nowadays Platinum is well known brand throughout Japan and is getting more and more popularity worldwide.

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Lacquer Fountain Pen

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Product Details

1. Product name: Lacquer Fountain Pen
2. System: Cap type
3. Material: Plastic with a lacquer decoration
4. Pattern: Auspicious clouds , Japanese Plum
5. Ink refill: By refill cartridges or with a converter
6. nib: Extra Fine Point, Fine Point, Medium point (14K Gold)
7. Size: L136 x D13mm
8. Weight: 16.4 g
9. Custom Logo Imprinting: Available
10. Logo Position: On the body / cap / cover of the fountain pen
11. Printing Methods: Silk Printing, Pad Printing
12. Small quantity and trial orders are accepted.
13. Payment Terms: T/T, L/C or PayPal (advance payment)

We can give you a discount!please contact us!



Hi, I got the packet and wanted to thank you for packing things so carefully. The pens are fantastic and the nib is just the kind that I like. Please let me know when there is a good and original lacquer coated pen like this with this fine nib in the future. I would be happy to buy one. Is there some way that I can browse the other things that you sell online? I think I could now trust you and your taste.... thanks again and warm regards

お世話になっています。商品は無事届きました。 全てのアイテムをご丁寧に梱包して頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 万年筆は素晴らしいし、ペン先も丁度私が好きなタイプです。 又これに似たような細字ペン先の本漆の万年筆がありましたら、その時は是非教えて下さい。そのペンも買えたら嬉しいです。 御社が販売している商品をネット上で確認出来る方法はありますか? 今なら貴方と貴方の持っているデザイン感覚も信頼できます・・・ 誠にありがとう。 よろしくね


Thank you very much for your e-mail. I'm so pleased that you have been happy with both my packaging and the fountain pens themselves as well. The only pen with a fine point nib available from this maker at the moment is perfectly the same one that you have just bought. I'll let you know if more fine point nibs arrive from this maker. On the other hand, I could offer you the following fine point fountain pens from a different maker, which is also a Japanese maker, just as prestigious as Platinum and these are all real lacquer pens too.

メールを送って頂き、誠にありがとうございます。 包装も万年筆も気に入って頂いて、とても嬉しいです。 このメーカーから購入可能な細字本漆万年筆はお客様が前回中字のペン先で購入していただいた商品と同じモデルです。他にも細字本漆万年筆が到着する際はご連絡させて頂きます。 一方別の日本のメーカーからは細字の万年筆をご紹介させて頂きます。 このメーカーも日本のメーカーであって、プラチナムと同じ位有名です。 これらのモデルも全部本漆万年筆となります。

  • 万年筆万年筆
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