Make the new page of history with event.

Olympic will gather many people there and various event will be held!
Are you planning for any event?
Let’s prepare for event in Tokyo Olympic 2020 from now!

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It has come time for all of the world to gather together once again for the tournament as old as history states!
How will you represent your country in the upcoming olympics?
Planning on having a small party to watch the game, or are you planning on going all out to show your spirit!

Here at Event21, we can help you get started!
We have many products that can make for your perfect at home, back yard, or even school event that will make this olympics one to remember!

These items are popular for Olympic event!
2000ANSIルーメンプロジェクター レンタル 2200 Projector PRO-001
Up to 3 days : JPY~
[Number of people] 5 to 50 people
[Resolution] VGA / SVGA / XGA
Projector for the venue
プロジェクタースクリーン Screen PRO-011
Up to 3 days : 3,300JPY~
Use screen with a projector at your venue!
キャスター付大型ラクサー レンタル Large shelf with casters PRO-022
A large shelf with casters is convenient when you want to move TV or projector at venue!
Up to 3 days : 6,600JPY~
組み立て式大型プロジェクター台 レンタル Large projector stand PRO-023
The height is 2m.
1day : 7,700JPY~
目隠し付き大型映写台 レンタル Large projection stand with blindfold PRO-024Az
The cable is not visible due to the blindfold!
1day : 8,800JPY~
折りたたみ式プロジェクター台 レンタル Folding projector stand
Easy to move and set up with compact size!
1day :
プラズマテレビ42型レンタル Plasma TV 42 type ONK-033E
Up to 3 days : 38,500JPY~
LEDディスプレイ レンタル LED display PRO-163
Vivid and eye-catching!
1day : 27,500
巨大モニター レンタル Huge monitor PRO-219Ak
Feel impress with a huge 103-inch monitor!
1day: JPY~
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カメラマン専用台 レンタル Stand for photographers STA-182Az
This stand could help you shoot photo from the high position!
1day: JPY~
スケートリンク レンタル Skating rink SKT-144Xn
To set up skating rink, this item should be important !
We will offer you for the best price!

We can provide to the following locations: Hokkaido、Okinawa, All over Japan! Not only are we able to provide signs and rental items but through our associate network we can even provide setup for events all over Japan! If its nationwide setup you need, leave it to us!!

Starting with Tokyo, Kanagawa (Yokohama), Chiba, and Saitama, customers from Ibaraki, Tochigi, and customers from Yamanashi on the Kanto side will all receive their quotations at the same rate as the rest of Japan! Event customers from the Tokai Area (Aichi/Nagoya, Gifu, Shizuoka and Mie) as well as customers all the way in Kyuushu or Tohoku! We recieve inquiries from over 47 prefectures everyday!! We do our best to answer all of our customers and thank you for all of your help!!

Although we separate our shipping, we try to make sure that our total cost
will give you the best price and quality for your events!!

With many product rentals or setup fees we have discounts for those who qualify!
Quotations are free, so please give us a try!!

 Why are we cheaper than other countries?

Our meduim size company when compaired to many larger business have few staff and warehouses so the amount we spend per month is very little! Therefore we are able to provide better prices to make up for the gap! We do this with our work with the shipping companies to get better prices! And for large products, we use our nationwide network to provide setup for all events! Of course there are no falters in our sevice! We prefer giving better service over making just a bit of extra money. Which is why we are able to provide these prices!