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Rental Manual

1. Concerning inquiries & quotation requests

For those customers who would like to contact us by phone from Japan, we have set up a free dial number: 0120-021-218
Please note that only domestic calls from Japan could connect to this this number.
If you would like to reach us from any country around the world for free, then we recommend you to use Skype or send an e-mail.
Our Skype user ID is the following: event21japan    Our e-mail address is the following: front@event21.co.jp
It's doesn't matter how tiny your question may feel, what's important to you is important to us. Just that simple.
Event21 beleives that communication is the most important key factor for making your event successful.
Please don't hesitate to ask us anytime you happen to have the slightest worry or question!
Our sales staff will all they can to resolve all your worries, to answer all your questions.

<Inquiries on weekends and holidays>
On weekends and holidays you can call us between 9:00~17:00 (on weekdays between 9:00~20:30)
Please note that on these days there may not be an English speaking staff present, in this case
be so kind to tell your name and phone number to any of our colleagues and we will call you back.
Furthermore, on these days, we are operating with reduced number of staff, so you call may not be
answered on the first try. Please be patient, call a few times and you'll surely get through.
The other options that we can offer you for these cases is to make your inquiry through our
website (we have a web-based inquiry form) or to contact us by e-mail or fax.

We are answering incoming calls and are shipping items even on the weekends and holidays as well, but
please consider that certain stock checks may need to be postponed until the next workday.
In these cases we might not be able to answer some of your questions right away.

We will try to answer your questions within 3 days starting from the next workday.

Would you like to get a quotation?
Please click on the button on labeled "Click for a quotation" that is displayed on each of our item pages, fill in the form and click on "Submit".
Do you have any questions concerning our rental items, event site construction, sign creation etc. services? Feel free to contact us!
If you would like to call us through the line, please tell start you call with telling us the following phrase: "I've seen your homepage"

To order a quotation, please click on the button below:

Repeater Discount
Collection box rental for free

Quotation request form (by FAX)

Quotation FAX
Quotation from
(by FAX)


If you would like to request a quotation by FAX, then please download this request form, fill it in and send us as a FAX to our fax number displayed below.

Check the filled-in sample if you need some help!


※Those who are using our webform don't need to fill in the fax form. Either one is enough! Please proceed to 2nd point!

<For those customers who would like to make their inquiry through phone>
Please tell us if you know the time and date when you would like to use the items. We may be able to make temporary reservations for you.
Would you be so kind as to read the 17 points that we may ask you to when you contact us displayed on the Contact Us page before contacting us?
After that we will to get some time in order to check the stock conditions, calculate the shippig costs.
We will call you back after we have collected all the information for you.

2. Checking the order & Sending you the quotation

After checking the stock, calculating the shipping costs we will send you a "Quotation form" so that you could check all the details.
You will need to check at least the following 4 points:

1, Contents of your order(Item names, quantity, rental period)   ※Even21's special rental period and rental fee system
2, Delivery method, shipping address, name and date (in case of charter shipments delivery time may be crucial as well)
3, Payment method (we will ship your items after we have confirmed that we have received your payment)
4, Total cost

If you have checked the quotation thoroughly and you have found everything OK, then please read our WEB rental agreement and if you agree to all the points in the agreement, then please sign the quotation on the bottom right corner of the quotation sheet, display the present date above, attach your the image of an official ID card to it and send it back to us by an e-mail or a FAX. We can reserve you the items you would like to rent after we have received this signed quotation.

After you have sent us the quotation, we will send you an acknowledgement e-mail within 3 workdays telling you that: [Your order is completed]
Please contact us if you don't receive the above mentioned acknowledgement e-mail from us within 3 workdays.
It may happen that we haven't received your signed quotation.

Please note that we will be able to ship you the items only after we have confirmed that you have made your payment.

If you would like to change anything in your order, add more items to it until the day of your event, then please let us know as soon as possible.
We'll do all we can to adjust the order to your needs!

3. Receiving the items & The payment

Shipping methods:
1, Delivery by a shipping company(to anywhere in Japan)
2, Event21 delivery(depending on the volume of your order, we can go anywhere in Japan)
3, Picking up your items at our warehouse or at our office(both are in Nara Prefecture, close to Osaka)
You can choose between the above shipping methods.

In case you have chosen delivery by a shipping company, after shipping the items, we will send you a notification saying [Your items has been shipped]
Your shipping inquiry number and all the neccesary details of the shipping will be displayed in this mail. Please directly contact the corresponding shipping company if you have any questions regarding this shipment.

4. On the day of the event

Although we are always paying complete attention to the quality of our items, please contact us right away if you happen to notice anything out of ordinary.
We will do what we can to solve anything you have found so that your event could be a complete success.

5. Returning the items

Having chosen a delivery method, the items will be brought to your either by an independent shipping company or by Event21 depending on your choice.

When returning the items, please pack them back into the same packaging in the same state as you have received them. Take care to send us back all the items in the same number of packages as they have been sent. If the number of packages change then so will the cost of shipping and we may need to send you an invoice for the extra shipping costs. Caution always pays off the effort.
It's of course possible to bring all the items back directly to us as well.

A transaction is completed after returning all the items to us.
We sincerly hope that you will feel satisfied with our services.
Thank you for using our items carefully.

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