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Booth construction and decoration, product display, sales promotion, all that be needed on a trade show in Japan!

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 Trade show booth____Please inform us if we happen to be expensive compared to any other company!

 Why can be so sure to be cheaper than any other company?

1) Operating on a smaller, more effective scale than other companies thanks to our web based sales system.
2) Our highly effective web based sales system helps us to do much more with less effort!
As a matter of couse, in parallel with these, we can beat any company when it comes to skills or first class service!

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Let's make success with Event21:

Are You looking for an event for your company in Japan?
Are You looking for fast, cheap, reliable, and full service provides for upcoming event?Whether you are come from, let's make a success of your business in Japan.We are committed for your success with many surprises, high quality and lowest cost
We have many years of experience in the organization of large and small events throughout Japan.
We have professional team to understand what you need...

In addition we are maintaining of tight budget control., we can give you many benefits available from what we have, it's free and surprises for you.
We are highly experienced in planning and understand dealer's requirements on advertisement and promotion.

Whether you are launching a new company or a product, celebrating a success or an anniversary, organizing a sports competition or an entertainment show.
Our young, flexible and dynamic organisation consists of a team of motivated ...
In this team, we try to impress and good atmosphere to our clients with fresh trends and ideas.Enthusiastic work with the ability to communicate well in many languages.

Welcome gate:

We have a lot of special suggestions for you.
Welcoming guests : PG girl with to greet & take photo with guests

+ Decoration and design gates
We have a lot of equipments are available in stock for decorative gates, so the price is very cheap and attractive.
We are always creative and solutions ideas to make more good impression for your guests.

PG Girls wear Kimono or Yukata to welcome guests and take photo with guest:
We would like to provied the serving member (PG girls with Kimono or Yukata wearing) upon request, they would welcome you warmly and bring a good impression about Japan.

お茶会セット お茶会セット OTH-040E
3日間まで : 9,655円~
金屏風H1,710mm 金屏風 BYO-001E
H1,710mm │ H2,100
3日間まで : 10,800円~
バルーンアーチ バルーンアーチレンタル MAT-071E
1週間まで : 20,520円~
バルーンタワー バルーンタワーレンタル MAT-072E
1週間まで : 20,520円~
Printing & set up:

Sign Creation and Design, Booth Sign, Curtain Sign, Signboard? Leave it to us!
...and various other kinds of signs. We can completely create, design you the signs by ourselves!

スポンサーボード レンタル スポンサーボード EXH-172
3日間まで : 64,800円~
Fitting room:

If you are worrying about fitting room, we'll offer you what you want, we have a full service tooling as your request.

試着室 レンタル 試着室 詳細内容 試着室(BOX型) レンタル
試着室 レンタル 試着室 EXH-231
1週間 : 5,400円~

If you are looking for a separation from the space in the conference,The panel could measures to shield immediate.

展示会用Pパネル 幅広W1200パネルレンタル パネル 展示会の様子
Sound and Light system:

Event21 have full modern sound and lighting system. The capacity for all large or small events for both indoor and outdoor event. We will provide professional audio editor lighting.

Lucky Draw :

Those loteria games will make random luck for some people who take part in the event or gala dinner.

抽選器レンタル 抽選器レンタル



抽選器セット 抽選器セット MAT-001
1000球用 │ 2500球用
3日間まで : 6,480円~

We have great ideas to create the atmosphere and fun and games that can make the guests can take part in to the game and attractive prizes to customers.

Making traditional candy:

Artist makes candy in front of the guests, it would be very nice tasty and interesting to enjoy for all guests expecially children.

Amezaiku (飴細工) Japanese candy craft artistry.During the Heian period, the art of amezaiku was imported from China and was probably first used in Japan for candy offerings made at temples in Kyoto.The amezaiku craft spread beyond the temple during the Edo period.

An artist takes multi-colored taffy and, using his hands and other tools such as tweezers and scissors, creates a sculpture. Amezaiku artists also paint their sculpted candy with edible dyes to give the finished work more character. Animals and insects are common shapes created by Amezaiku often to the appeal of younger children. Intricate animal characters are created with expert speed. Some Amezaiku artists are also street performers who perform magic tricks and tell stories along with their candy craft entertainment.

Making Wagashi (Japanese traditional sweet):

Wagashi is a traditional Japanese confectionery which is often served with tea, especially the types made of mochi, anko (azuki bean paste), and fruits. Wagashi is typically made from plant ingredients. The creation of wagashi took off during the Edo period in Japan.


We will offer traditional Japanese performances, magic, Japanese drum, Hokekyo shadow play, circus, comedy, dancer, Geisha, Maiko etc.

  • 漫才師 漫才師


  • クラウンパフォーマー クラウンパフォーマー


  • お笑いイリュージョン お笑いイリュージョン


  • 影絵人形遣い 影絵人形遣い


  • 癒やし系マジシャン 風船人間パフォーマー


  • 癒やし系マジシャン 癒やし系マジシャン


  • 猿回し師 猿回し師


  • 腹話術師 腹話術師


  • ファミリーコンサート ファミリーコンサート


  • ヨーヨーパフォーマー ヨーヨーパフォーマー


  • 和太鼓演奏者 和太鼓演奏者


  • 大道芸人 大道芸人


  • テーブルパフォーマー テーブルパフォーマー


  • 風船アートパフォーマー 風船アートパフォーマー


  • コメディマジシャン コメディマジシャン


  • マジックショーパフォーマー マジックショーパフォーマー


  • シャボン玉パフォーマー シャボン玉パフォーマー


  • 太神楽曲芸パフォーマー 太神楽曲芸パフォーマー


  • バルーンピエロ バルーンピエロ



We also offer Japanese tradition gift items made in Japan.
It is the special gift with reasonable price will satisfy your guests and will make unforgettable memories for coming to Japan. You can order your masu cups.
Masu cups could be branded with a unique logo that either you have designed yourself or what we have designed for you. The sizes that are awailable for custom branding are the following: 5shaku(small), 8shaku(medium), 1go(standard), 5go(large) and 1sho(extra large).

Folow our homepage for more information:


Rental Services for Events? Leave it to us!

Thinking about renting equipment for your event? We can provide you absolutely anything you need:
Stage, ground support, tent, booth system, audio visual equipment, corporate lighting, furniture, event barrier system, inflatables(bouncers/moonwalks), concession equipment, music instruments, power generator, home appliances, entertainment equipment, sports equipment, office equipment, showroom displays, flags, signboards, sign stands, traditional Japanese event items, mobile toilets, mobile sinks and basically anything that you could associate with an event in Japan!!!

Our Belief

Let's us planning, decor, create your special event. We are sure that we can make it happen
We listening you step by step to ensure that we understand your needs.
Customer satisfaction is our goal.
With us reputation to continues in the future is very important.

We are always make surprised beyond imagination for our clients and received the love from them. That is the most precious value for us.
We would like to create more happiness in the world. The way our company aims to achieve that is through hard effort. If we manage to change the world by even 1mm, then the future will be change formidably. Although our efforts may seem very small now, but eventually, when this small company from Japan has develeped into an international company, we will still continue making the same efforts and will create tremendous happiness!
Would you like to change the world too? Start now, start small!

e-mail :
Skype ID:event21japan
International calls : +81-745-77-6882
Domestic calls:0745-77-6882
Person in Charge : Aiichiro Nakano

Please feel free to contact us!

Event21 has a full coverage of Japan including Hokkaido and Okinawa as well. Besides delivering our rental items, signboards etc. to any part of Japan, we can handle to setup a trade show booth in any part of the country too with the help of our partner companies. Wherever your trade show will take place in Japan, Event21 will be there to give you all the support you need.

We have just as many customers from Tokyo, Kanagawa(Yokohama), Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi from the Kanto region, as from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo(Kobe/Sannomiya), Shiga, Nara, Wakayama from the Kansai region. Besides that, we have many customers from other areas like Aichi(Nagoya), Gifu, Shizuoka, Mie from the Tokai region, Fukuoka(Hakata), Nagasaki, Saga to mention some places from Kyushu, Miyagi(Sendai), Fukushima from the Tohoku region, Kagawa, Tokushima from Shikoku, Fukuyama, Ishikawa, Fukui from the Hokuriku region, Niigata, Nagano from the Shinetsu region and so on. Every single day, we get many inquiries from all the 47 administrative divisions of Japan. We are interacting with our dear customers with a wholehearted devotion! Thank you very much for your trust!

Please consider that the shipping, delivery costs are not included in our prices due to different shipping costs to different regions.
Event21 aims to be the best in the Japanese event industry!!

You can get a formidable discount if you are renting multiple items or ordering the constructions of multiple trade show booths!
Get a quotation and check our prices, it's for free!!