Event21 Co. Ltd. CEO Nakano Aiichiro Introduction

This page is meant to introduce the experiences of Event21’s CEO Nakano Aiichiro and his experiences, what he is thinking, and so it will be broken up into years.

★Age 18

Hitchhiking around Japan. Dominating the North, South, East and West!


To learn more about my country, I went on a journey. Because I didn’t have money, I did my traveling via hitchhiking and thanks to that I was able to meet many people and started my once-in-a-lifetime 150 car worth adventure. I gained many happy and memories I will never forget.

★Age 22

Have you ever pet a tiger? I have!


With strong momentum, I went abroad. It was during that time I decided I wanted to get a tiger for my own backyard.

Learning the wonders of the world. Like finding the Castle in the Sky (Laputa), Beng Mealea and Ta Prohm


Japan is very interesting and I love it. The world is very interesting and I love it.

★Age 23

To Meet Ghenghis Khan, to Mangolia!


We found ourselves in a small bus, running atop a frozen river. We became close to the Mongolian people that were sitting in the seat next to ours and they let us stay in their relatives house.

Anyway the hospitality was amazing!  From the үхэр (üher)/cow milk, to the cookies, hard bread, goat cheese, the Mongolian style milk tea, Kumis, vodka, fruit juice, and the meat buns.

After filling up on the food, I was invited to the neighbors place. Then we started from the üher again. I love Mongolians!

The Silk Road. The Area of Blue-eyed Asians. You can see the Flaming Mountains!


Difference is funny, and important. I like everything.


Reaching an elevation of 5,668m!


Over the course of 3 days, through the snow, staying in temples learning about Buddhism, Hinduism, Jainism, and Bonism I reached the Holy Land.

A world from a different dimension.
With each step you could heard the crunching of the snow under my feet above the frozen lake entering the world of the gods.

Ptarmigan is looking over me. The dawn is reflicting off the snow and the mountains cast their shadow. And on a large stone an old tale is written in Tibetan.

If you come to this land, it is said that your sins up until this point will all be forgiven. Many praying stones are laid about. The oxygen levels are low, the winds are great and the strength of the sun reflecting off of the snow is strong. The black shade on the white mountain. The never ending blue sky.

I’m in a truly breathtaking place.

West Tibet, the Historical Guge Ruins.


From Lhasa over the duration of 1 week by land cruiser, down an uncharted path we made it to the Ruins of Guge.

The world of Dragon Quest. Large cranks in the ground, in the endless landscape you can see but a small town with only 1 inn. The tiny fire that is lit by the feces of Yak dances.

In the far off distance you can see the eternally white Himalayan Mountains surrounded by white clouds in the blue sky, whom appear like cotton candy.

I climb the stairs to the shrine facing the heavens that are now ruins. Reaching the edge of this Earth. There is no one.

As if this miracle were quietly sleeping, I couldn’t help but get goosebumps.

Then, off to the close mummies resting place. The world of Indiana Jones. In through the large entrance .

As I entered an abnormal smell touched my nose. Is this the smell of decay…? I couldn’t breathe. I covered my nose and mouth, and by candle light continued deeper.

The ground was all jumbled up. Then it hit me. On this ground, these were all mummies!!!

Earth, isn’t this a little too much…

★Age 24

Enjoy Japan!


With the Canadian and English friends I made across the pond, we went to enjoy Japan.

I wished to get the friends I had from different countries to understand my love for this one. As I did the countries of friends I made abroad.

Seeing them appear so happy in Japan made me very happy^^

★Age 26

Paris, France.


The cancer declaration of my father. With only 1 month remaining, at a level of surgery unavailable in Japan, we were off to France.

After the successful surgery we returned to Japan. After a brief period of relief, over the course of a few days of being looked over by his loved ones, he left this world.

The biggest thing I could do out of devotion to my parents is to try my best and make Event21 a larger company and make it so throughout the world people would say “I’m so happy that Event21 was there”.

The maker that was my father was just like that. That is why I will make it a great company. The second generation is strong. Because through my DNA I love this company.

Also I have constituted 98% of this company as the second foundation.

The founder of the second generation. Bringing together the points of both, is my strength as a manager.

★Age 31

Event21 Mochi-Tsuki Tournament!


A company that was called cool by kids, men, women, and friends.

Event21 went from being a 4 person company to, after a few years, a 42 person company. I am grateful to everyone.

And the march forward continues on!!

Making the Event21 Vietnam Office!


The moto of our company 「you happy, we happy!」, “you” went from all over Japan to crossing over seas!

Now we receive mail and phone calls everyday from overseas.

At the current moment, we have a Vietnamese staff member in Ho Chi Minh.

Though she came to Japan in order to do training for 2 weeks, her first day we held a BBQ Welcome Party, and on the days off went out, the day she had to leave felt very lonely and was very emotional. Now we Skype with here everyday and she is always working hard.

The members of Event21, if the realize it are all working together with foreign workers on the biggest stage of all. The world stage.

Since the very beginning I have wanted to make the company this way, there is no helping the fun it brings me.

Not too long ago a mail of encouragement came from Australia.

“With everyone making a living off a company that has the passion to make a better world. Even I want to work there!”

I was extremely happy.
A company motto that everyone in the world could understand. The direction we are going is true. If we at Event21 hold true to it and try harder to impact the world, we CAN make it happier!

Through spreading “you happy, we happy!”  I believe we can make world peace.

A Gathering of World Leaders!


To make the world a better place, what can we do?

★Age 32

Poverty in Cambodia.


A meeting with those whom live in a garbage heap.

A smell horrid enough to make you cough. Even though it is piled with trash, the smile on the children`s faces are dazzling. But what of the future of these child’s smiling faces?

I asked a 17 year old girl.
「Would you like to go to school?」
「Yes, I would.」

「Is that because school is fun? or do you want to go because you want to study?」
「I want to go because I want to study.」

「Because I want to enrich my families lives.」

Even though if it rains in the night the rood will leak, or they can’t go to school, even if they don’t have electricity…

The kids are always smiling. But the adults are crying.

What is happiness? Maybe if you don’t know anything, you could always have a smile. However, in Cambodia the selling of people have become a large problem

Without knowing a thing, they get drug into brothels. Once that happens, there is no running away..

Maybe the reason that as an adult you hurt and cry, maybe the reason you can only have a life of poverty, maybe all of it comes back to the lack of education.

Perhaps if you know nothing, you can be happy and  always laugh and smile; but who knows how long that will last. With the meaning being that it depends on the environment it, the truth is the people here are in a poor position.

Learning not only the good and the bad, the happy and the sad, I learned the opening all things to judgment is what we know as “living”.

I want to be their power. I want to change the world. But what can I do?

In the end, there is only one thing. I try my best, make this company bigger, and posses the power to make change.

Even if it is only 1mm. I want to become a person who can create any type of change.

After 10 years、30 years, and after; depending on that 1mm, with time it will make a large impact.

Becoming a Teacher in Nara City Heijou Junior High School.


I want children to have a dream.

That working is cool. That making more happy! in the world, is doing work.
Doing things that aren’t considered normal is good, that trying and failing is good. Because that experience will enrich their lives.

Its not math or language, but living a happy life is what I talk about in class.

How can I find my dream? How can I make my dream come true? To live a happy life, what should I do?

We spoke frankly about many subjects. And with that, many direct questions came back.

「If you don’t quit and try hard will your dream come true?」

Yes, if you try hard and never quit, you can absolutely make your dream come true.

We want to be the adults that can affirm this. As well as be the adults that can show them the way to make their dreams come true.

For this purpose, we need to be the ones who can prove to them it is possible.

I believe I have made a lot of promises to children. As a cool adult, I promise.

One day, one year, maybe well off into the future, when I see those kids again, we want to meet again and have not broken those promises.

“What the teacher said was right”. “If I try hard, my dream can come true”, “I’m glad I believed it”, I am the adult that wishes to keep hearing these words.

The bearer of these promises, are Event21’s fortune.

★Age 33

Making Event21’s Tokyo Office!


In Kita-ku, Tokyo there is a 3 story building and that is Event21’s building.

We want to make all of Japan Happy!

Event21 Administrative Lectures, all over Japan!


(The picture above is from an actual event that took place in the Totori Prefecture back in 2014)

I am always thinking about it but to make our company better standing alone in front of 70 management holding people I have just met  to use Event21’s management as a base and spreading my ideas and feelings for 90 minutes is something I really like doing.

After that, when the report is finished I enjoy getting the feeling of success it gives me.^^

Hasshinnryoku or the ability to convey ones feelings or opinion, is something as a member of our staff or when you have many opportunities to add output in marketing, it is a necessary skill to have.

It is that important skill that you should hold close, that I learned most by doing these lectures. I am very humbled to be able to do these.

From our meeting, even if there companies just get a little happier, all of the 4 major islands of Japan grow happier. With that type of stacking up, we want to make all of Japan Happy!

The reason being is because Event21 wants to spread “you happy, we happy!”.

★Age 34

I Gave a Lecture Before 600 Company Managers!

Now (as of 2018/06/04)、 I have done 88 lectures nationwide, and over 7,012 people have listened to these lectures. Yearly I do roughly 20 lectures. I am really grateful!

★Age 36

Surpassing the past number of incoming employees, we get 18 (Community and Public) College graduates!

Our First Ever Tokyo Summer Convention! Open!

Japan’s Largest Employers’ Association, we were inaugurated to National Conference of Associatiion of Small Business Entrepreneurs!!

★Age 37

Now, in: Tokyo・Kanagawa・Osaka・Aichi・Chiba・Kyoto・Nara, we are looking for those who wish to chase their dreams!!

Event21 is a company where we help people’s dreams come true.

We want to make the world better.
We want to make the world more convenient, fun, happy!

With that, we work hard together as friends at our job.

With hopes that our meeting will be one of fate,
we look forward to meeting you.

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