Event21 First Ever Yokohama Winter Gate! 01 “Uptill the Opening”

Here we go! It’s time!!

…to start writing about the first annual Yokohama Winter Gate. (lol)

It was amazing. A total success.

Event21 First Ever Yokohama Winter Gate! 01 “Up-till the Opening”←We are here!

Event21 First Ever Winter Gate! 02 “Opening, CEO・Manager・Team 3rd Quarter Announcement.


Recently there have been many blogs written from all different points about the event by my employees that it isn’t necessary to be announced in my blog. I’m very proud of that.


★CC Blog, Ito-san’s Article (Japanese Only)

横浜ウィンターゲート その① 移動~準備~開演まで

★CC Blog, Misaka-san’s Article (Japanese Only)

第一回横浜Winter Gate開催!~初めてづくし~

★Human Resource Blog, article from all the executives.



Well with that, I will post with a lot of pictures as usual! Through pictures you are able to understand the companies atmosphere best!!


WG (Winter Gate) is one of Event21’s larger internal events, this one taking place in Yokohama.

In March, there is the Management Policy Announcement. The concept is “vision”.

In July, there is the Tokyo Summer Convention. The concept is “People”.

And in December, the Yokohama Winter Gate. The concept being “Culture”.


These amazing events, now up to three were made from zero but at Winter Gate to help improve the culture of the company there are many contents prepared.  With the event peak season coming to an end in December, the total percent of employees leaving was 0% and stood as a milestone for all employees who have made it through that tough period and look over the third quarter. It also serves as a place to show the new employees who will join us next year to engage in Event21’s culture.


With this being the first, it was making history. After 100 years, there will be the 100th annual and they will talk about this day. Those people whom helped make that part of our history, I would like to introduce in this blog!

In the very front of the venue, Yokohama Minatomirai.

This time we did it at a very fancy venue!

Welcoming everyone at the entrance are pictures of every branches best event pictures. These were chosen by all of the branches before the event. This past has a lot of meaning to it.

This WG was run by the Benchmark Committee whom have been here since the morning preparing the venue for everyone. And then, there is my entrance. “Now that’s great!!”

Lining the walls are all of the core values of our company.

The man running the Audio M-kun, also arrived before me from Nara.

Award Rehearsal.

The Kanagawa Combination.

The original committee leader whom had married recently, had to leave the company due to taking over the family business of the family he married into. Thus in a pinch, I-kun took up the role of becoming the Benchmark Committee Leader. Here is him with the Branch Leader for Kanagawa. You did a great job!

Benchmark Committee Members.

The two CC’s. Ito-san who came into the Nara Home Office in 2017 and became the first CC, beside Misaka-san whom came in 2018 into Tokyo becoming the second.

This time Misaka-san came into WG as the WGC (Winter Gate Coordinator) and had a hand in almost all steps of the event.

The preparations in order, the second car to come to Yokohama came the Kansai members!

Enjoying the view in Minatomirai.

2019 member for Aichi Office, F-san.

Member of 2014, 2017 and 2018. Members of Nara, Osaka, whom do sales, general management, and construction.

From the left you have the 2019 member T-san to the Kyoto Branch, and 2019 Nara Home Office K-san, and the 3rd CC S-san.

The members of 2019 at the moment are 19, but all are wonderful! I am really looking forward to their start in April.^^

Osaka Branch’s S-kun.

While all of this is going on you have the arrival of the Kanto Members!! Tokyo, Yokohama, and Kanagawa.


2019 Kanagawa’s M-kun though he has been very busy has made the time to come to our event. Thanks!

Receving an explanation of what a GoPro is from an American.

And thus you have the member of the Web Team who couldn’t take his curiousity any more getting the same American explanation. (lol)

2019 Nara Home Office’s T-kun.


We also have Y-san who just recently got her last interview for the company and just made it in time to join the Chiba Startup office and in time for WG.^^

2019 Osaka Branch’s Y-kun.

With an icebreaker, after introducing themselves to the veteran members beside them, we did the introduction of the 2019 members.

Kyoto Branch Startup member of 2019 K-kun.

Everyone looked over the WG 3rd quarterly announcement paper.

Aichi Branches member of 2019 K-san.

With the darkening of the venue, the opening movie starts! It’s finally time to start!!!


Event21 First Ever Winter Gate! 02 “Opening, CEO・Manager・Team 3rd Quarter Announcement.