Thank you for 2018. It was a amazingly fun year!!!

Hello everyone!It’s come to the end of another year huh? There are so many topics I would like to talk about that have been piling up but I’m going to skip that and just give out a year end greeting. lol

In the year 2018 I met so many new people, grew new relations, was helped, and it truly has been a historically fun year!(Every year I have reflected on how fun the years have been, and this makes the 38th year in a row and counting.)

I really always gratefully to have so many people befriend and work with me. Thank you very much^^


Since this is the year end updated I decided I would reflect on the year looking over my iphone I saw there were a tone of photos from this past year and it made me happy. I remembered taking all of them.

In between the pictures of my private and family life, there were pictures of the employees and friends I have grown even closer to through Event21.


Life is interesting. You can do anything you want.

Right now I am in my hideaway (my private office) writing this last blog post of the year. Just tapping away at the keyboard making rattling noises.

For those whom do not know me or are not familiar with me always think I am always only busy with work, however, every month I setup a wonderful lunch at a lovely restaurant with my wife. With the name “Monthly Lunch Date” it is written in my yearly schedule lol. Tabelog (a restaurant search application in Japan) is a very essential app.

As well as never forgetting the monthly trip with my family. Enjoying it with the family that shares a love for all the treasures nationwide. That is also written in my yearly schedule as “Monthly Family Vacation” lol. Ikyu (a hotel search application in Japan) is also very essential to me.


Keeping my family and private life very close to my heart and living my life to help people and help the world. There is no more interesting a life like this.

For those who do not know the interesting aspects of their work, for those who do not put in the work to make their lives easier will never see these fields. The me of now, knows much of this.

The younger me from long ago, I wonder if he can imagine the me of now? Though it is me and I would have known that no matter what I would have been having a great time but I wonder if he knew what the fun was?


15 years ago when I was a traveler, there was a man who counted down in Hong Kong. In the middle of a trip visiting 62 major cities in Asia.

At one of the worlds three major night view points, looking up at s hundred million dollar starry sky spending my first ever New Years overseas. I believe I was 24 at the time.

Then, with an overwhelming feeling I found a Peninsula Hotel and with my heart pumping I entered. My heart still pumping I wandered around the 1st floor. “WOW!!” “What kind of people stay at a place like this??” While excited I doing nothing, I still remember leaving that hotel.

The me, without money, whom was over dazzled by the world staying at around 1000¥ (roughly 10USD) a day. But I decided that I would one day stay at a place like that. That day.


At the Annual New Year’s family vacation, this year we decided Hong Kong.

We stayed at a suite in the Peninsula Hotel.


Relaxing with the family I love over Afternoon Tea, I vision about seeing someone walking alone that looks to be out of place and wish to call out to them and poor them some tea.

There I would ask, where you been travelin? From the South? From the North? you know.

There I would also tell him the old legendary ruins only travelers know. Since you were born on this Earth, at least give it a look once. And if possible soon..

Your dreams will all come true, it is natural to have the wish to do what ever one pleases, but if you put all of those experiences to good use, in 15 years you can be sitting here and give this same story to someone else. And poor them some tea. Wouldn’t that be something?

My life is overflowing with stories like this. For 38 years, I have felt nothing but gratitude.


Alright, lets put the public and private me aside and start the public blog!


★The Company is in Perfect Condition!

Sales went from 1,000,000,000 to 1,600,000,000! Employment has grown by 60 members.

The 100% join of our junior company Step Co. Ltd. and its success. We’ve also achieved Employee to CEO culture!

The creating of the Shinyokohama and Aichi branches, with group branches included we have 15 branches! And in 3 months, we will also have our new Chiba and Kyoto branches. Also creating 2 more branch leaders.

The Kanto Event21 Festival had an attendance of 2000 members. Working with the locals. This process has created a Super Committee Leader. She has also been announced to be the next year Tokyo Branch Office Leader!

From Professors at University, to the Ministry of Economy and Trade, we had the chance to be interviewed be a TV station in Tokyo. Event21’s Culture and members are going to make Japan more happy.

We have also created the new Training Camp “10 years VISION summit by U25”. Looking into the next stable 30 years of Event21.

Creation of the Creative Department. With also the General Affairs, Accounting, and Bridge. The creation of leadership within the company has been big and with the videos, vision tree, and “book” sales, we have moved forward in IT and bringing the interns together we have made a success of the first ever Yokohama Wintergate!

I have also ate with the employees a lot! There have been many stories and I’ve learned a lot.


★The marriages of our members and births have also grown!

Kanagawa’s K-kun, Osaka’s K-kun, and Nara’s M-kun all got married.

Nara’s M-kun had twins with his wife. U-kun had their first born. and Kanagawa’s K-kun had their second child.

For their Honeymoon, Aichi’s Branch Leader went to Hokkaido. Nara’s M-kun went to Hawaii.

Male employees have also started being able to take time off to raise their kids.

The foundation of Event21, the employees, all walk many different lives. I am always amazed by how cool that is. That’s why I always gotta try harder!! Because I want to make everyone’s lives even more fruitful.


★I have entered the 2nd period as Representative of the Youth Liaison Committee!

This year I have also held lectures and brought my employees to many of them all over Japan. This time we held 20 lectures… Nara(2 times)、Ibaraki、Iwate、Saga、Hokkaido(2 times)、Wakayama、Fukushima(2 times)、Tokushima(2 times)、Nagano、Tokyo、Shiga、Akita、Saitama、Osaka、Toyama、Tottori。

Of course, meetings, block meetings, I attended many more all over Japan.

This year we have created an environment that has brought together all of the Youth Groups Nationwide, as well as created a path for the next generation when we give off the baton.

I have also learned more from my Core-Value Business Association colleagues, from Kansai, Kanto, overseas, etc. I am truly blessed to have these friends.


★This year I have also been to 3 countries!

Bangkok in Thai、Ho Chi Min in Vietnam、Chicago in America.


Next year will be a battle!!!!(Even though I say it every year!!!)

Everything is finally fitting into place. That is why next year we are planning a management strategy to pass 100. Then the next year we will be an Event21 that can pass 2,000,000,000. With the friends I love and trust.

With this I can see more of a new world. With this through Sanpoyoshi: customer. us, local area, we can become a company that can spread more happy!

I want to gain more power to make “you happy, we happy!” come true. More. There is no time to twiddle ones thumbs. There is no wasted sweat dealt by my employees.

That is why as the CEO of Event21, as a Manager, as the Leader of a Region, I will hold my pride with my life and push forward to make an even better company.


I would like to thank you for this year!

Next year I will work my very best so I hope for great relations next year as well!!!!