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Booth construction and decoration, product display, sales promotion, all that be needed on a trade show in Japan!

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Booths designed by Event21 have a prominent look that makes a difference. Now let us introduce our trade show booths!

Booths designed by Event21 have a prominent look that makes a difference. Now let us introduce our trade show booths!

Trade show booth Trade show decoration

Trade show booth construction example. Here is the list of products that could be necessary:
(click on the pictures to see the details!)
Drafting / Booth Design
Done by our own designer
Channel letters
Channel letters
Acrylic or PVC letters
Punch carpet
Punch carpet (decoration)
Choose your color!
Inkjet sign printing
Inkjet sign printing
With our very own printer
Display panels
Display panels
Combine it with woodwork!
Exhibition counter
Wooden counter table
Completely custom made
Illumination system
Illumination / Electric works
Flood lamps, spot lamps
Storage space
Storage space
For your exhibition items

※Please note that the above displayed booth is only an example.
※We could construct any kind of booth based on your imagination. There's no limit!

■ Trade show booth construction EXH-701
・First of all, we would like to hear you out so that we could know your ideas and needs.
・Next we will need to create a concrete image of the booth through a process of repeated discussion, designing and drafting. The road to perfection.
・When all the details are fixed, we can start to implement you ideas, create signboards and pop signs, build up the woodwork, get the furniture etc.
・Finally on the trade show, our skillfull craftsmen will handle everything from setup to dismantling. Concerning exhibition booths, you can leave everything to us!

The company policy of Event21 is you happy, we happy

Everyday, we are working hard under the aegis of "you happy, we happy", our company policy, accomplishing every task one by one.
We are hoping that by seeing our daily efforts, you will entrust us with implementing your trade show booth on an event that is crucial for your success.
We are confident to provide you an outstanding exhibition booth, better than what you have ever imagined.
The best compliment you can give us is: "I'm so glad that I have chosen Event21 for implementing my booth."
...and we are prepared to do all it takes to be eligible to receive it.

Trade show booth in use
Creating the draft of the trade show booth

The draft of the trade show booth
While we are drawing the draft of the booth, you will have countless chances to check the progress, make comments, request changes.
We'll be all ears to your ideas. The draft will keep being changed until you are absolutely satisfied with the result.
Our designer will make sure that your ideas will be realized in a speedy way.

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Channel letters1 Channel letters2
Channel letters3 Channel letters4

Channel letters
Channel letters are highly customizable, they could be used to imitate various kinds of materials like metals, plastics and others.
They can be fitted to meet what you have imagined, thank to their versatility.
On the above pictures the channel letters are fixed on an acryl glass, which is covered from behind by a string curtain to ephasise depth.
By topping the base design with channel letters, we can create a greater impact on everyone visiting the trade show.

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Punch carpet1 Punch carpet2

Punch carpet
A trade show booth occupies an area large enough that by choosing the right material and color for its floor, you could improve its atmosphere considerably. The easiest, cheapest and most convenient way to change the floor of the booth is by a punch carpet, since they are available in various colors and patterns. Edges and corners of the punch carpet could be neatly covered by a plastic edge cover that you could choose as an option.
Try to choose a color that matches both your booth and the items that you would like to display!

Purchasing punch carpet Purchasing punch carpet STA-101
Please choose any color you fancy.
1m : JPY 1,050~

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Inkjet printing1 Inkjet printing2
Inkjet printing3 Inkjet printing4
Inkjet printing5 Inkjet printing6
Inkjet sign printing
Our company has its very own inkjet printer with which we can print out appealing designs in vivid colors and express various things. Since it's inkjet printing, you can use as many colors as you like, the price won't change. We can even use photos and print them out in good quality.
The ink is waterresistant and is printed on a plastic sheet so the final sign has an outstanding durability. Would you like to mount the printed sheet on something? No problem, leave it to us. Inkjet printing is used on signs in various places: trade shows, conferences, shops and so on.
It's perfectly suitable for creating signboards and pop signs for your trade show booth as well.
Inkjet printer Inkjet printing
Solvent ink type
VP-540 printer
Print high quality
Pay low price

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Display panels1 Display panels2
Display panels3 Display panels4

Display panels
Various display panels are available from us: illuminated panels, customizable panels, display panels that could imitate a wide range of materials.
They could be made to match both the image of the products that you are exhibiting and the taste of your target customers.
Lamps could be used to light up the displays from various angles resulting in an even more stunning look, attracting the attention of the visitors.
These display panels are realtively low-cost since they are manufactured in a cost effective way with low waste.
The booth will be made of a wooden structure, dressed up in an external decoration, so they will be completely original, free to customize.

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Wooden counter Wooden trade show booth
Counter table Trade show custom table
Wooden counter table
We are accepting all kinds of special orders for counter tables and panels of any shape and color. Try to challenge us with your order!
On the upper images you can see the counter tables that have been covered with a plastic sheet finish, blue stripe on a white base, freely customizable, printed with an inkjet printer. We can even create a useful storage space for your trade show items inside the counter.
On the lower right image, you could see a panel, which is nicely decorated by an air-laid paper, made of glass fibre, developed in France.

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Illumination / Electric works1 Illumination / Electric works2
Illumination / Electric works3 Illumination / Electric works4
Illumination / Electric works5 Illumination / Electric works6
Illumination / Electric works
Floodlights, spotlights could be mounted on the any of the display panels to lightup your trade show booth and the exhibited items.
Are there any electric works, lamp installations needed on your trade show booth? Just leave them to us. We will arrange the specialists.
The positions and types of all the illumination, power outlets and the cables has to be decided and a proper blueprint needs to be created
prior to the start of the electric works. Although deciding all that may take long hours, it is definitly worth the effort.
When your booth gets light up, you will feel that it has just been filled with life.

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Storage space1 Storage space2
Storage space3

Storage space
Even though it is often overlooked, the storage space for your trade show items, brochures, pamphlets, catalogs and the personal items is an essential part of your trade show booth. The entrance of you storage space could be concealed with a curtain, so that bypassers couldn't see what's inside your booth storage. Storage spaces could be created in various places, under your counter table, behind the display panels of your booth or even within the exhibition booth itself. They could be made to look like a drawer, a shelf, a display rack to show off your best products and services to attract visitors or even as a vital part of the booth design.

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Successful trade show? Tell us the image of your booth and the budget you can spare for its construction.
Stunning design, affordable price, magnificent outcome. We will do our best to give you the best!

■ Trade show booth construction product code: EXH-701

Additional rental items for a trade show booth

Trade show rental items Trade show rental items
L shaped pop stand|Black drape│Vending cart
Pole barrier|Belt barrier│Poster panel
Catalog stand│Fluorescent lamp│Spotlight lamp
Armlight│Pamphlet stand|Wire stand
Wire hook|Press conference background
Desktop plate│T shaped pop stand
Universal stand│Panel stand|Desktop POP stand
Ground support│Fitting room
Foldable display stand│Foldable cart|Podium
Trade show booth construction(SYMA system)
Partition display

Event21 has a full coverage of Japan including Hokkaido and Okinawa as well. Besides delivering our rental items, signboards etc. to any part of Japan, we can handle to setup a trade show booth in any part of the country too with the help of our partner companies. Wherever your trade show will take place in Japan, Event21 will be there to give you all the support you need.

We have just as many customers from Tokyo, Kanagawa(Yokohama), Chiba, Saitama, Ibaraki, Tochigi, Gunma and Yamanashi from the Kanto region, as from Osaka, Kyoto, Hyogo(Kobe/Sannomiya), Shiga, Nara, Wakayama from the Kansai region. Besides that, we have many customers from other areas like Aichi(Nagoya), Gifu, Shizuoka, Mie from the Tokai region, Fukuoka(Hakata), Nagasaki, Saga to mention some places from Kyushu, Miyagi(Sendai), Fukushima from the Tohoku region, Kagawa, Tokushima from Shikoku, Fukuyama, Ishikawa, Fukui from the Hokuriku region, Niigata, Nagano from the Shinetsu region and so on. Every single day, we get many inquiries from all the 47 administrative divisions of Japan. We are interacting with our dear customers with a wholehearted devotion! Thank you very much for your trust!

Please consider that the shipping, delivery costs are not included in our prices due to different shipping costs to different regions.
Event21 aims to be the best in the Japanese event industry!!

You can get a formidable discount if you are renting multiple items or ordering the constructions of multiple trade show booths!
Get a quotation and check our prices, it's for free!!